Can Photos Trigger Old Emotions?

Sometimes we focus so much on one aspect of something. We forget the bigger picture ❤

Its crazy how many things can be wrapped in our memories and how differently we can feel in a blink of an eye as we time travel back in our minds to a moment in time

Its always the painful things we seem to remember the most. The things that really hurt and changed us

But when we glance through old photos. How often do we actually connect to that side of things…. the painful part of that memory?

Well give it a try and see… flip through your phone and a section of memories… and see how you feel

When I look at this photo below all I think about is beautiful memories of this day and how quickly it transports me back to this space in time. The wonder. The excitement. The happiness I felt. Quickly all other thoughts or frequencies fade. I am lost completely in this blissful moment in time.

It becomes a beautiful moment in my current time and space where Im filled with nothing but love and warmth and happiness inside my soul, reliving the energy of this day

We live in a generation blessed and cursed by technology. What a blessing to be able to revisit the past with a swipe of your finger tip on your phone. But also what a curse when we are swiping carelessly through mind exhausting nonsense and meaningless things

In this moment today I have gratitude… for the ability to look back at times and see things through a different lens with full admiration and blissful emotions inspired by these beautiful moments in space and time

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