The Power of Words, Mantras, & Thoughts!

A Powerful and Useful Tool for Igniting the Flames of our Intentions ❤

Over the past few months I have begun several daily practices using simple mantras such as

I am Grateful
I am Happy
I am Releasing
I Apsire

Writing or Journaling my own extension of each…

Its been amazing how much has mentally changed for the way I view things, the way I handle situations, the way I talk to others or speak with myself mentally, the alignment of my actions…

I can fully sense a change in the calibration of the mind, body, and soul and to be honest its absolutely Beautiful

One of our most POTENT HEALERS in our lives is the Power of our own THOUGHTS

Our bodies are basically almost completely water with a small percentage of other atoms

Remember the studies done by Masaru Emoto, the Japanese Scientist that showed the effect of our words on ice crystals forming?

This applies to everything in our lives including our own bodies!

Whether its what we think about ourselves or others, what we think about what we take into our body, the things we eat and drink

Every thought is creating an impact and altering the atomic frequency…

Its why some people take a moment to meditate over their food or drink

Its also why you should never ever eat something you do not feel good about it

If you go to eat a huge piece of cake thinking it will make you fat and cause stomach issues 9 out of 10 times it will do just that

Our thoughts are POWERFUL

We are just “vibrating cells” in an alignment which the body formulates/creates to keep its structure and functioning

This is why Binaural Beats and Singing bowls, Tuning Forks, and music in general is also so powerful

Music literally can heal what medicine cannot simply by helping to guide your cells to a higher frequency

Hence why music impacts us so greatly and can often take us time traveling 🛸🛸

Literally as our cells re-live their memories of the frequency they are absorbing 🎶🎵🎶

Be Loving, Be Kind, Be Compassionate… every thought is creating your own frequency and that which surrounds you 🧬

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