In Bali, thinking of a nice Day Trip?!? Check out Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

Located North and Centrally on the Island of Bali in Indonesia
Near Danau Beratan Lake

What started off as a long 6am bike ride up the mountain in the rain brought us to this tremendously beautiful simple Water Temple Grounds…

I wasnt expecting much when I put it in google maps, figured it be a nice break to stretch the legs on the way to the A-ling A-ling waterfallTurned out to be super lush and artsy💕

Cost is 50K for entry 💖

Go early before the crowds, when we left it was already started to get super busy

On one side is this beautiful filled field of flowers and on the other, tons of artsy displays and places to take beautiful photos with your family and friends

We spent about 1 hour here walking around and enjoying the nature, it’s a great place for a picnic or to spend time with family

There is also some housing there available for staying overnight as well as a Restaurant nearby the grounds

Also it sometimes will rain around 2pm there, check the weather or Go early 💕

Travel Notes ~ Located just north of Ubud near Danau Beratan Lake

Traveling from Ubud or Canggu – 1hr15mins
From Denpasar – 1hr30mins

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