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A Journey of Curiosity and Hope~ In 2015 I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer Instead of having surgery I chose to go out and face the world, taking my Health into my own hands. I traveled all over the world seeking alternative care. What I found though was self love and liberation. Follow me as I share my journey on How I changed my Life and Took Control of my Health and THRIVED Holistic Health and Mindset Coach, Certified Nutritionist, Specializing in Detox, Diet, Reversing Cancer & Illness Health is not only what we Eat, Its also how we Think and how we Feel 💚🌿 Empowering Others to Work through Physical, Mental and Emotional Trauma, Creating Healthier Habits & Mindsets Healing the Mind, Body and Soul 💕

Puerta Del Sol, Tiwanaku Bolivia ~800 A.D

Puerta del Sol or Gate of the Sun ~ a megalithic solid stone arch or gateway constructed by the ancient Tiwanaku culture of Bolivia

There are actually many ways to spell the name of this beautiful historical site
~Tiwanaku also known in Spanish as Tiahuanaco or Tiahuanacu

This archaelogical site is Pre Colombian and located in western Bolivia near Lake Titicaca and is about 12,549.2 ft (3,825.0 m) above sea level

Known as one of the largest sites of Archaeology in South America along side Machu Picchu and other sacred grounds located along the Andes Mountain Range

A backpacker can easily get lost in wonders and in the history here along the Andes Mountains. The indigenous had built several sites along the ridge at very specific points… Check below for the link!

While desolate and unoccupied currently…
This site’s population peaked around AD 800 with 10,000 to 20,000 people

Puerta del Sol is approximately 9.8 ft / 3 meters tall and 13 ft / 4 meters wide

This large gateway weighs in at 10 tons and was actually constructed from a single piece of stone!!

Although when rediscovered later in the 19th century. The European explorers who founded it, actually found the megalith lying knocked over on the ground with a large crack through it.

It is presently standing in the location where found, even though many archaeologists have stated they believe that its not the original site

When zooming in we can see many engravings all throughout the stone

Although there have been so many various interpretations of the symbols and inscriptions found on the object, the carvings that decorate the gate are believed to possess astronomical and/or astrological significance

These symbols can be found all throughout Peru and Bolivia and have been believed to  have served a calendrical purpose

Facts about the carvings on Puerta del Sol

  • Carved with 48 squares surrounding a central figure
  • There are 32 effigies with human faces and 16 with condors’ heads
  • Each square represents a character in the form of winged effigy
  • All look to the central motif: the figure of a man with his head surrounded by 24 linear rays, which may represent rays of the sun
  • The styled staffs held by the figure apparently symbolize thunder and lightning
  • Some historians and archaeologists believe that the central figure represents the “Sun God” and others have linked it with the Inca god Viracocha.

This is only one part of the entire grounds here so be sure to plan to spend atleast half a day at this location

I included a map of the back of the ticket you will receive when arriving, which shows some of the other points of interest

Cost to Enter ~ 80 Bolivianos

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Early Medieval Chapel Located in Aachen, Germany ~ Construction began 792 AD

God, no pun intended 🙄😅 am I loving sorting my photos, so many amazing places I’ve been!

Palatine Chapel in Aachen, Germany

This amazing place is an Early Medieval Chapel and remaining component a King named Charlemange, formerly known as his Palace of Aachen in what is now Germany

Also known as, Charles the Great, Charles I, he served as king of the Franks from 768, King of the Lombards from 774, and Emperor of the Romans from 800… busy guy right?!?

He is often called the “father of Europe,” and in France and Germany and is celebrated as an iconic figure due to the work he did merging and communicating between Western Europe

Beautiful isn’t it?? I’d have to say its kinda cool right?!?

Although the palace itself no longer exists, the chapel was preserved and now forms the central part of Aachen Cathedral

If you’re into medieval History and Architecture, this place is a must visit!!! Looking around here you will find yourself transported back in time and history

Be sure to bring a camera and capture the moments

Located Centrally in the Middle of Aachen

It is known as Aachen’s major landmark and a central monument of the Carolingian Renaissance

What a perfect place to stop and grab some beautiful photos on your trip into the city!!

This area in particular is surrounded by many local diners and stores which also makes it a perfect place to walk around and enjoy the beauty of the city, grab a coffee, have lunch with family, or shop one of the many unique boutiques

We stopped here in the middle of the day, the chapel was quiet with a few other people stopping in the adore the beauty of the place

History Behind this Landmark?

The construction of the Palatine Chapel around 792, along with the building of the rest of the palace structures

In 805AD, it was consecrated by Pope Leo III in honor of the Virgin Mary

Until 1531, it served as the coronation throne of the Kings of Germany, being used at a total of thirty-one coronations

The four columns of the stone podium could represent the world ruled by the temporal sovereign with its four elements (fire, water, air, and earth), its four seasons, and its four cardinal directions

But most importantly it represents the 4 Rivers which join together around Aachen making it a very unique place to visit which can be found depicted on one of the ceilings in the chapel

Entrance is Free, if wanting to take photos they may ask you to pay 2 Euros

While visiting Aachen, be sure to check out the mineral springs. If you hadn’t yet already smelled the sulfur lingering through the city

This area of Germany sits in a very unique place and is actually what brought Aachen its name

It is rumored that these mineral waters surrounding the area were believed to have healed the King from various ailments he had been suffering from when he arrived to the area

This is thought to be the reason he chose this location to build his palace

Want to get in the mineral springs and test the water yourself?!

Look for bathing house Carolus Thermen Bad Aachen built along the path of the Mineral Springs
They have both indoor and outdoor bathing areas available


Sexual Energy, the fine Balance of Integration and Seperation

Alot of times when we seperate from an intimate relationship we often find a few things about ourselves to be true…

We are no longer who we were when we entered the relationship

We’re not quite sure who we are these days or what this strange energy we carry now is… so to say. We lost ourselves?!? 🤪

Many times we do not realize we have experienced an energetic swap of energy in relationships

Physically, Mentally, SEXUALLY


Because its a complete merging of the two energetic fields and the one that sometimes leaves us the most changed

When we sleep with another person we literally take their energy into our body. The good. And….The not so good…. and all that other jazz….

Their entire aura blends with our own… literally can see this merging of fields happening using resonance equipment. Its proven scientifically

The whole 2 become 1…


Completely merging mind body and spirit through the opening and release/exchange of energies in our entire body

They say it takes atleast 3 weeks to get a sexual encounters energy to begin to wash away and restabilize in your own.

Even longer if you were intimate for longer periods…. and even longer than THAT if you are intimate with multiple partners.

Why does multiple partners or back to back ones impact you more!?

Well you are losing yourself so much and so often its even harder to identify your own energy

When we breakup. We often feel a void we want to fill. Subconscious, consciously, physically, SEXUALLY…. whether or not we realize it. We LITERALLY HAVE A VOID.

When energy leaves, new energy must come in to take its place

While it seems easy and nice to allow it and happily move forward and on and perhaps even re-engage with another soul again…

Try to have your own pieces together first!!!


Otherwise you are offering them not only yourself but the remnants of your last partner… and depending on that went and what your intentions are now… well it may not always be the best idea 😋🤪

Start back with loving yourself first, feeling like yourself again, and cleanse all that previous relationship energy away


Holistic Health Coach & Nutritionist, Specializing in Detox, Diet, Reversing Cancer & Illness, Ultimately our Reclaiming Health and Wellness

Empowering Others to Work through Physical, Mental and Emotional Trauma, Creating Healthier Mindsets & Habits

In Bali, thinking of a nice Day Trip?!? Check out Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

Located North and Centrally on the Island of Bali in Indonesia
Near Danau Beratan Lake

What started off as a long 6am bike ride up the mountain in the rain brought us to this tremendously beautiful simple Water Temple Grounds…

I wasnt expecting much when I put it in google maps, figured it be a nice break to stretch the legs on the way to the A-ling A-ling waterfallTurned out to be super lush and artsy💕

Cost is 50K for entry 💖

Go early before the crowds, when we left it was already started to get super busy

On one side is this beautiful filled field of flowers and on the other, tons of artsy displays and places to take beautiful photos with your family and friends

We spent about 1 hour here walking around and enjoying the nature, it’s a great place for a picnic or to spend time with family

There is also some housing there available for staying overnight as well as a Restaurant nearby the grounds

Also it sometimes will rain around 2pm there, check the weather or Go early 💕

Travel Notes ~ Located just north of Ubud near Danau Beratan Lake

Traveling from Ubud or Canggu – 1hr15mins
From Denpasar – 1hr30mins

The Power of Words, Mantras, & Thoughts!

A Powerful and Useful Tool for Igniting the Flames of our Intentions ❤

Over the past few months I have begun several daily practices using simple mantras such as

I am Grateful
I am Happy
I am Releasing
I Apsire

Writing or Journaling my own extension of each…

Its been amazing how much has mentally changed for the way I view things, the way I handle situations, the way I talk to others or speak with myself mentally, the alignment of my actions…

I can fully sense a change in the calibration of the mind, body, and soul and to be honest its absolutely Beautiful

One of our most POTENT HEALERS in our lives is the Power of our own THOUGHTS

Our bodies are basically almost completely water with a small percentage of other atoms

Remember the studies done by Masaru Emoto, the Japanese Scientist that showed the effect of our words on ice crystals forming?

This applies to everything in our lives including our own bodies!

Whether its what we think about ourselves or others, what we think about what we take into our body, the things we eat and drink

Every thought is creating an impact and altering the atomic frequency…

Its why some people take a moment to meditate over their food or drink

Its also why you should never ever eat something you do not feel good about it

If you go to eat a huge piece of cake thinking it will make you fat and cause stomach issues 9 out of 10 times it will do just that

Our thoughts are POWERFUL

We are just “vibrating cells” in an alignment which the body formulates/creates to keep its structure and functioning

This is why Binaural Beats and Singing bowls, Tuning Forks, and music in general is also so powerful

Music literally can heal what medicine cannot simply by helping to guide your cells to a higher frequency

Hence why music impacts us so greatly and can often take us time traveling 🛸🛸

Literally as our cells re-live their memories of the frequency they are absorbing 🎶🎵🎶

Be Loving, Be Kind, Be Compassionate… every thought is creating your own frequency and that which surrounds you 🧬

The Perfect Low Calorie, Diabetic Friendly, Gluten Free Pasta Substitute… ZUCCHINI 🍝🍝

One of the hardest parts when changing our diet often is missing our favorite dishes!

Whether its going Raw or Plant Based… the world of pasta has changed for you….

Who doesnt love a bowl of savory noodles in marinara or garlic tomato sauce…. mmmmmm sooooo delicious

Look no further! Heres a health based tasty alternative for you…. ZUCCHINI 🎉

Zucchinis are one of the best foods for weight loss. They are extremely low in calories, easy to digest, can be cooked or eaten raw, super filling and also very hydrating

Zucchini aids in digestion, helping to keep us regular and things moving

Rich in potassium helping to lower blood pressure and help filter our kidneys as well

And of course, they help prevent cancer and are diabetic friendly! 


If wanting to make zucchini noodles you can order a SPIRALIZER online or purchase one in store, they are usually under $10!

Totally worth the buy, the uses you will find make it an awesome kitchen accessory

Whether its Zucchini, Carrot, Cucumber, Radish, or another Veggie. There are so many ways to have fun with it!

Raw or Cooked Pasta Recipe (2 Versions in 1)
Zucchini spiralized
Marinate some Veggies such as Bell Peppers, Mushrooms, Onions, Garlic in Olive Oil with Herbs (Saute if desired)

or simply just chop and do them raw if you would like an Raw and Oil free dish

Sauce can be store bought or follow the recipe below

Raw Pasta Sauce
2 Tomatoes
1/3 cup Dried Tomates
2 or 3 Dried Apricots or a Date
3in Chunk Carrot
Few Slices Bell Pepper
1/2 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
Slice Onion
Garlic Clove
Salt or Season to Taste
Can also add some Olive oil to make it richer if desired!

For more Raw Recipes and Health Based Alternatives

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Holistic Health Coach & Nutritionist, Specializing in Detox, Diet, Reversing Cancer & Illness

Visiting Rainbow Mountain?! Here’s What You Need to Know

Montaña de Siete Colores (Mountain of Seven Colors) or most popularly known as Rainbow Mountain is located near Ausangate in Willkanuta Mountain Range, which is part of the Andes Mountains. It is best known in Peru as Vinicunca


Scheduled in Cusco, should cost between 80-100 Soles (March 2019)


The tour agency picks you up from your hostel between 230am and 330am
After everyone is collected, travel by car takes 3-3.5 Hours to reach, stopping along the way for bathroom breaks

Try to avoid the back row of the bus… The road is bumpy and the ceiling is not that high, the most banging around happens back there


Breakfast is served – Fried Plantains, Eggs, Bread with Butter and Jelly, as well as Hot Water/Tea


Don’t expect these to exist on the side of a mountain…
Remember… you are in Nature…

They did however manage to wrap a nice tarp around a hole in the ground, so remember to bring toilet paper

After breakfast everyone is transported to the base of the mountain

They will offer option to take a horse/pony or donkey for 70-80 Soles, please decline, the animals are not in the best shape and we shouldn’t exploit them
Some of their backs, literally looked like they were seconds of collapsing

Starting altitude is 4,326 m/ 14,189 ft (Cusco- highest altitude 3,399 m/ 11,152 ft)

The top of Rainbow Mountain sits at 5,200 m/ 17,060 ft, which is almost as tall as the Everest Base Camp, at 5,389 m/ 17,680 ft

Talk about an accomplishment to add to your list!!!


Keeping altitude and distance in mind, it’s useful to bring Healthy Snacks and Coca leaves

I do not suggest doing this tour if you just landed in Cusco due to the altitude. You may find it hard to breathe and can get nauseous or sick. We didn’t believe when we heard that could happen but we passed an occasional puker…

There are no trees or structures to block the wind, so it can get chilly quick

It helps pack some Warm Clothes, such as a hat and gloves, although if you’re looking for some new ones, there are local villagers selling some at the base
Prices were cheaper than what I had found in Cusco

While it is chilly, the sun is STRONG!!! Bring Sunscreen!!! Do not underestimate the power of the sun, when you are this high!!


The trail is about 5 km taking 1.5 hours or so each way to reach, then spending 30-45 mins atop the mountain to capture photos before hiking back down

Enjoy the beauty of the land, it’s truly a wonder of the world this place!!!
In all my years of traveling the world, this landscape is extremely unique


  • Warm Layers of Clothes
  • Hat and Gloves
  • Trekking Shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Coca Leaves
  • Toilet Paper
  • Water


It’s not advised to go during poor weather. Especially while raining and in the winter months of November to March due to the mudslides that can occur
It can be very dangerous and slippery a lot with having poor visibility


Want to know more about what makes this landscape possible and causes these color patterns?!?!

Over time, as the subduction/sinking of the Nazca plate under the South American Plate, the Andes Mountains had begun to form

The reason we are able to see such beautiful colors on the Ausangate Mountain is due to mineralogy and weathering. When the weather shifts and snow melts, water gets mixed with the various minerals that are found in the ground

This soil is called Claystone

Red areas are from the mix of Iron present in the soil. Iron reacts with water to form a Rust color

Yellows are due to the iron and sulphur mix, forming Iron Sulphides

Greens are Chlorite and Phyllites which are sheet silicate minerals that form during the early stages of metamorphism of the earth, rich in Iron and Magnesium

Purples formed another type of Iron compound called Ferric Iron or Goethite, also known as Oxidized Limonite which is another fancy word for Oxidized Rust, also rich in Magnesium and Iron

White is Quartz and Sandstone which are rich in Calcium Carbonate

Talk about AS ABOVE, SO BELOW….

So crazy how the same elements that make the earth are the same elements that keep our body function at its peak… its no wonder we feel so grounded when we’re enjoying the outdoors~!

Looking for a Quick and Easy 5 Minute Meal?!

We all know I love fruit so anything that takes too long to prepare is not my style. Slice, dice and eat 🤤❤

Probably one of the easiest and quickest meals 🤓

Sliced Eggplant and Spinach lightly heated in a Mildly Spiced Tomato & Coconut Cream Sauce

Super Easy and Quick to make

I added 1/4 cup Coconut Cream, 2 Tomatoes, and 1/2 cup water in my blender with some Spices…

Turmeric, Ginger, Galangal Powder, Paprika, Cumin Seeds, Crushed Red Peppers, Black Pepper, Himalayan Salt (optional add onion and garlic)

If you buy a Cajun Spice Mix, its pretty much what the seasoning blend is, with the addition of Turmeric, Ginger and Galangal

Sliced 1 Baby Eggplant and some Spinach and tossed in a pan with the Tomato Coconut Sauce…. simmer/lightly heated for 5 mins or until eggplant was soft.. done and done…. 🤓❤

Slice the eggplant well so it softens quickly 💕

If it loses color, you’re heating it too fast, turn that fire down 🔥🌬🔥

Colors basically tell us the nutrient content

Anytime a color of a food begins to fade its nutrients are being lost. Greens should get deeper and tomatoes also. They often have a higher bioavailability of nutrients slightly heated or steamed ❤

I also added some fresh chopped Coriander/Cilantro and Mung Bean Sprouts. The contrast of textures and complimentary flavors seriously make the meal

Honestly perfect meal for one ❤
Light, Filling, Fast, and Super Healthy 🥰

Cooked Food is Simply… Comfort Food.

Its time to talk about what we choose to eat and how it can begin to shed some light on our emotional state of being and inner drives.

We are so often being driven by our subconscious that we fail to realize just how far it has driven us somewhere. We keep eating or fueling ourselves ignoring the facts we are actually tired, overwhelmed, or in another difficult state of being. Its no wonder weight problems and food difficulties have become an issue to much of society.

Its amazing what I learned about food and the body these past few years. Its no wonder a huge bowl of greens surrounded by color makes me smile inside and out.

When we decide to make the leap from a Standard Diet to Vegan and then Raw Vegan… it becomes very interesting how differently we begin to view food.

Our senses awakening and body becoming more aware of the increase in energy and vitality. It can be felt almost instantly mentally and physically. Meal by meal, growing more and more at each stage of our diet change. Especially if we reach the point where we are primarily consuming raw fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and sprouts.

Who doesn’t spring forward from a smoothie bowl or cup of fresh fruits, salad, amazing mixed veggie platter or lettuce wrapped sandwich…?!? I believe we can almost all relate to this! Yet how often do we find ourselves still drawn to cooked, denser foods, or dishes we grew up with?

When eating cooked foods, a sauteed pan of veggies, burger, falafels, pasta, stir-fry or pizza all taste and sound absolutely amazing… butttttt….. and a big BUTTTTTT….

Have you ever looked back at the photos of your food? Ingredients become a bit undefined, if ya know what I mean. The vegetables colors are lost, a lack of luster and the entire dishes ingredients are often faded completely…. our veggies looked so much prettier before we cooked and killed them

What I mean is.. pizza is just straight comfort food…. you can receive so many more benefits from these vegetables and components when they are not cooked and withered away to some nostalgic memory and meal. We are literally cooking the life out of our foods and we can see it happening. The colors change as the nutrients become lost.

“Life comes from Life” not a Lifeless bowl of food… its no wonder we find ourselves tired after eating sometimes!

I heard a statement once, well two statements that got me thinking alot…..

If youre not hungry enough to eat an apple, youre not hungry 😉

All cooked foods are comfort foods… hmmm right? 🤔

So I started to pay attention to my thoughts behind my cravings… and I noticed some things….

I cut out cooked foods…. but randomly I crave certain things. So in my head I always repeat those two statements followed by asking myself…. Am I feeding my body, or feeding an emotional need?

If the body, then I ask, what is it in this food that I am craving? Fats, protein, carbs? Breaking it down to try to understand what lies beneath this “fried rice” craving I’m experiencing… since our body just wants nutrients. NOT fried rice, a burrito, or that slice of pizza 🤪

Roman Jack Pizza, Zest Ubud, Bali

Alot of times its for fatty foods but also sometimes for carbs…

When I am in tune with my body, eating raw foods has always targeted my craving I am having. Immediately the hunger passes and I am left satiated.

Although sometimes I have found myself eating and still my mind and body could not find satiation, my stomach felt like a bottomless pit. Who else has been here?!? 🙋‍♀️

It was in these moments where I was still hungry, knowing I just ate more than enough… I realized it was an emotional calling…

I begun taking conscious awareness of these times and working actively on the issue. Asking myself in these moments I was hit with cravings, why this food? What or when does it remind me of?

Food can be a source of comfort I began realizing. We grow up gathered around a kitchen table, enjoying food with loved ones, these cherished memories then become programmed into us. Our subsonscious minds often storing and associating the food with the emotional or joyous state of being.

We also all have a memory or two of coming home as a child hurt or upset to having our parent make us our favorite meal. Its no wonder how these two can become so quickly and closely related. Food and Pleasure. Comfort and Happiness.

When we’re having a bad day we are often seeking comfort or seeking a feeling of relief to our circumstances. And we all need to eat to live… hence how these two easily fall together hand in hand.

Our subconscious mind driving us, we may find that we are drawn to crave a particular dish. Your “favorite meal” growing up? The one your mom always cooked when you werent feeling well for example. We have so much attachment to food emotionally sometimes we do not even realize its affects or take this moment of conscious awareness. We just simply have this “craving” driving us.

The most important thing I think I learned eating as a Raw Vegan was learning to cope with emotional eating and most importantly understanding my connection to foods and my own cravings on a more deeper level.

At the end of the day… all cooked foods are basically just comfort foods. If we find ourselves starved and we have a banana yet dont want the banana.. look deeper at whats driving these thoughts. You might be surprised!

Instead enjoy those colorful fruits and veggies!! Its not only a way to balance ourselves emotionally, but physically as well. It can be seen within a few days just how much more energy we can have and clarity of thinking when we are filled with living foods versus cooked.

When we are committing ourselves to connecting to actual hunger we can truly help heal and eliminate emotional issues and help to balance our inner beings. While Im sure you can very well do this on any diet. The amount of clarity you can gain, vitality, and energy is unmatched in comparison to what we can receive from eating raw foods.

Again Life comes from Life… not a Lifeless bowl of food… keep rereading that 😉

Raw Vietnamese Rolls, Alchemy, Ubud, Bali

“Wrong Place at the Wrong Time?” 🤔 Time to Take a New Perspective 👁

Sometimes when things happen that are painful or hurt we often say we are in the wrong place at the wrong time…but really are we?!

Are we ever where we are not meant to be?

Sure its a lot easier to say “its by chance”… What we have just experienced, which may have been painful or uncomfortable, it simply being the wrong moment and time we found ourselves in…. Detaching from the event in order to often make peace with our pain or give us some emotional distance.

But what if we could rise up to look at things a bit differently?!

Take a new perspective 😋 Stay connected to these moments and not disassociate or try to make less of the circumstance. Choose to stop telling ourselves “our story line” we have chosen that helps us to quickly shift responsibility to the outside or others yet doesn’t really help us rise in our potential.

What if we choose to take this as an opportunity to EMPOWER ourselves? To take in these moments as blessings and lessons in disguise.. How much more magnificent would that make our life and this moment we find ourselves in?!

What if the things that we have labeled as painful, uncomfortable, cruel, hurtful, sad… are really put in place to illuminate, teach, protect, empower, ignite, inspire, and help elevate our soul…?!

What if the only reason they are felt as painful, uncomfortable, or some disharmonious emotion is because we are focusing on the wrong part of what is happening?!

There is nothing in life that happens that does not serve a purpose. It is all just a matter of how we look at it. Perspective is always the key in these things ⚡

Energy is never created nor destroyed. Meaning as this energy clears or moves from our life… new energy must come in. What an amazing blessing. New space for new creations, change, improvement and more!

However, if we are focused on the negative then we might miss all these positive gifts and unfoldings that have just come our way.

How many times has something happened that hurt or was painful, but as we make it through and things work out, we find ourselves in a better position, place, or sense of emotional standing?

Our thoughts create the “Law of Attraction” for what will come in and fill the space which is clearing. If we are believing its the wrong time and place, we will not be able to see any of the good that has just entered our way. We must remain open and receptive to the natural flow of life and things. We must remember to stay connected and not shut down or close ourselves off when we feel pain or discomfort.

Remembering always in this moments, that we must rise, we must empower ourselves, we must transform and transmute this energy to that which we wish to receive. Giving it purpose and giving it the energy we wish to bring into our life. Inspired in this moment and grateful for this chance to transcend our circumstances.

Taking back our power, taking back the control. Creating our own Universe.

We are always where we are meant to be… and if our mind still is struggling to accept this way of saying it…. then we can simply say ” we find and give purpose to where we are today and in these moments.”

We must rise up without hesitation, we must be fearless… we must trust in our journey and the path we are choosing. We must always seek and sense the “light” especially in our “darkest” moments. Always consciously remembering that with every thought we create our own reality and what will come to manifest. Remembering our power. Becoming one with ALCHEMY…

Believe in something greater and see the blessings


Can Photos Trigger Old Emotions?

Sometimes we focus so much on one aspect of something. We forget the bigger picture ❤

Its crazy how many things can be wrapped in our memories and how differently we can feel in a blink of an eye as we time travel back in our minds to a moment in time

Its always the painful things we seem to remember the most. The things that really hurt and changed us

But when we glance through old photos. How often do we actually connect to that side of things…. the painful part of that memory?

Well give it a try and see… flip through your phone and a section of memories… and see how you feel

When I look at this photo below all I think about is beautiful memories of this day and how quickly it transports me back to this space in time. The wonder. The excitement. The happiness I felt. Quickly all other thoughts or frequencies fade. I am lost completely in this blissful moment in time.

It becomes a beautiful moment in my current time and space where Im filled with nothing but love and warmth and happiness inside my soul, reliving the energy of this day

We live in a generation blessed and cursed by technology. What a blessing to be able to revisit the past with a swipe of your finger tip on your phone. But also what a curse when we are swiping carelessly through mind exhausting nonsense and meaningless things

In this moment today I have gratitude… for the ability to look back at times and see things through a different lens with full admiration and blissful emotions inspired by these beautiful moments in space and time

Mangos… a Pregnancy Superfood! 🥭🥭

Did you know that Mangos are a pregnancy superfood?!?

Besides the fact they are absolutely delicious and grow like crazy all over Bali!!

These have become a serious staple in my pregnancy

Mangos can be a great cure for morning sickness. They are super hydrating and full of electrolytes

They are super rich in Vitamin C which helps prevent anemia by increasing iron absorption while serving as a powerful antioxidant

Folic Acid?! No worries, mangos got you covered! What a perfect natural source!

Folic acid is required in pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects in development of the brain and stem

Feeling back up?! 😳 Oh mango can help with that too!

Great source of fiber that keeps your digestive track hydrated and moving

The Vitamin A content aids in eye development as well as the babys teeth, bones, heart lungs and kidneys

Its also abundant in B6 which another essential vitamin for brain development

Talk about amazingness right?!?

Third trimester preclampsia… no stress… the Magnesium and Vitamin E found in Mangos help prevent and aid in this

If youre interested in more food facts and information feel free to follow me!

As a Raw Vegan and primarily fruit based I love sharing my journey about my pregnancy on Instagram


Reconnecting to Our Intuitive Self… How to Better Our Relationship with Food and Hunger. Why Diets are Useless

An untouched subject yet deserving of so much attention in this day and age…

To many of us, what may seem so simple has become a difficult thing alot of us have come to deal with at some point in our life is…

Can you guess what “it” is?

Learning how to leave food on our plate and understanding our own hunger ⚡⚡⚡

Simple right?!? Well, maybe…

How many times have you been eating something and become full, yet still devour the rest of whats on your plate?

Many of us seem to start this habit early on in life. Generally learned from our parents or grandparents passed down generation after another at kitchen tables and in our familys’ home. We are told since we are young children “Do not leave anything on your plate and finish what is left.” Sound familiar? Maybe you even have a few funny stories to share?!

For me, as a child, my mother would tell me how there’s starving kids in Africa and I should be grateful that I have food as if this somehow would make more room appear in my belly or make me hungry.
My confused and innocent response was always…. “why dont you send it to Africa then?!?” Nonetheless, I spent several nights sleeping at the kitchen table unable to finish what was left 🤷‍♀️😴

Sometimes my mother would let me eat in the living room, which was amazing. I had this ceramic piggy bank I would stuff my leftovers in and hide behind the couch. “This is so wonderful…” I thought, “Finally I could make my mom happy and I didnt have to be punished for not finishing my food!!”

Worked great!…. til she went looking for the rotten smell and found it one day 😳

Opa! Back to the bigger story here!

What does this later turn into for us as adults in life?

Eating disorders, obesity, diabetes, cancer, digestive disorders, body dysmorphia and all sorts of other physical and mental issues related to us not truly tuning into our bodies.

Not sensing our internal world mentally and physically, we fail to realize when we are full and satisfied. We have been programmed to tune out our greatest gift, our natural senses and connection to our own inner workings.

How is this witnessed? Or what does it mean? This could be when we overeat or binge, finishing every bit of food regardless of the fact we felt full half the plate ago. Some individuals may even develop a eating disorder like bulimia or anorexia. Most often many of us however are left feeling guilt or shame after eating. Unconsciously eating out of habit and not because we are actually even hungry.

Moving forward… The real question we must ask ourselves is… What is there to be learned from this? Theres two major aspects Id like to focus our time on.

First…. where it often all begins… as children.

We should never force our children to eat. Kids need energy, let them honor their body and stayed tuned into their hunger sensations. No kid will intentionally starve themselves. Kids cry that they are hungry more often that they are not.

Children are born pure, in the sense they are untampered with or changed by societal views, influence or pressure. Very much so in tune with their own inner being. As they age, what we call parenting, is often us programming them based on our experiences, but also our own issues and fears.

Many parent believe they are ALWAYS “protecting or teaching” their children, but how many times have we ourselves been caught unraveling from some irrational fear or motive that we discover has stemmed from parental programming? Yes, we are here to guide and protect our children, but we must be in alignment and rational when doing so.

The other major part we should focus on is the NOW. How do we work through this habit now that it is active and fully developed into our lives?

First and most importantly, one thing we can do, is start by never forcing ourselves to finish our food when we are already full or satisfied.

Continuing to overeat only ends up creating a negative relationship with food. Not only can food become a mental or emotional addiction or unconscious habit, but it also overworks our insides when in excess and stretching out our stomach and taxing our organs.

One important aspect to think about in terms of health… If we are spending our entire day digesting food, when does our body and our liver have time to go through and focus on cleaning and healing?

Our body has the ability to heal anything. As a Cancer Thriver, reversing my own illness through lifestyle, mindset, and diet change, I can fully attest to the bodys miraculous inner strengths!

If the entire day is spent digesting food and massive meals however, we become backed up. Often witnessed as lethargy, the body slowing down, this is how and when illness begins to form. When we are constantly finding ourselves left exhausted after a meal or needing rest instead of energized.

We eat purely for ENERGY!……. REREAD THAT AGAIN!!

If we overeat or spend all day eating, we lose it all. Think about that…⚡💡

Sometimes a great thing to remember to put our “hangry mind” at ease while we begin to deprogram…. is that we may always take more food if we are hungry later.

A mind trick I learned years ago is that if we find ourselves overeating and unable to leave any food on our plates, the best thing we can do is…. START with USING A SMALLER PLATE! We will still be getting a full plate of food but now just portioned a little better for our changing mind. Slightly illusionary and greatly impactful.

What about if we already have taken a larger plate or don’t have the option to choose the quantity?
Save it!! We can put what’s left over in a container and save it. Or simply put the entire plate in the fridge. Who decided that our meals should be separated into such portions and spread out this or that way?

We should give a thought to where this belief even began. As history has shown, as well as common sense, humans originate from tropics and other forested areas where trees bearing food and crops were growing readily available. We are by nature, hunters and gatherers.

In todays fast pace and forever moving environment having a set schedule for eating may allow us to simplify this our basic nutritional needs. One less concern and concept to fill our minds, more time to focus on our lives…. Sounds right? well kinda… See… This is in fact for many where the disconnect begins or becomes rooted.

In reality, the human species, if we look back over time or into our primitive roots would be eating and taking only what we needed from trees as to not have to carry excess and also to prevent food from spoiling carelessly. We also would only be eating food as we came across it.

Putting things in perspective, breaking our food into set schedules and portions goes against everything natural in our bodies. Instead of eating when we have hunger, we are told we need a set amount of calories to function and focus on that. Arranging diets and meal plans trying to pack it in or balance it out. Yet the amount of calories we use and burn each day is always varying.

When we begin to break this programmed cycle and focus more on our connection to the food and our bodies we will begin to notice that all these thoughts and concepts just mentioned really resonate with us.

When we eat to satisfy our hunger needs versus eating just to finish our plates or get our calories in, we will also see our mind and physical body narurally each day becoming more and more in balance.

Its not about calories or nutrition. If we are listening to the body. We will have a natural sense and connection to what is needed. We will begin to realize what our actual hunger is and what is our programmed concept of it.

If we eat a meal and want to lay down and not do anything, maintaining self awareness, we will begin to realize this pattern. If we find ourselves eating less and tiring quickly, we will also see our pattern around this. Everything helping to illuminate and understand ourselves much better.

Its time we take the initiative… its time we start to tuning into our bodies more and learning when we are satiated and full. We need to release these rules, concepts, and belief systems we have set up around eating.

We also should abandon the concept of DIET… toss that word out unless its being used descriptively and not as an action 🤪

With all these thoughts in mind and things we just learned, its no wonder why us as a society or individual often YO-YO with weightloss or struggle with even getting started. We are literally living in a system that goes against everything in our core as a conscious intuitive being. We are living against our own nature in so many aspects.

As we tune back into ourselves, we will see how useless the idea of dietting truly is. It’s time we bring it back to our roots and natural selves, and its time to create a healthier relationship with how we view food and take it into our bodies.

And please dont get me wrong, sure, we can eat what we set out for ourselves and always finish our set portion in a setting, keep our caloric balance, but at what cost to our mental and physical well being, if we are not listening to the body and respecting ourselves and honoring our points of satiation or eating what the body is actually asking for?

What actual cost does this end up being to us later? We are left Tired, Moody, Gaining Weight, with Guilt, Shame, the list can go out…. Lethargy, Illness, Disease…

The question we are left with is… How do we make use of all we have just learned? With all we have just read. Where can we go from here?

Let’s keep it simple and let our bodies naturally guide us back to ourselves. Try for a meal to just stop eating when you start to feel full. Not stuffed but satisfied. Key word… SATISFIED. Put the rest away, save it for later, or whatever you wish to do. But honor your body in this moment and listen to it. You can also take a smaller plate at your next meal. See how this concept works for you as well.

Tune into these moments and connect with how you feel after… This connection will begin to teach you all you need to know. As you begin to practice regularly you will find yourself each day amazed…

As a society, on all levels, we do not need more diet tips and food plans, we simply need to begin to reconnect to our own intuitive inner beings.

Its time that we redevelop our own MODERATION. It’s time we tune back into our bodies and understanding our hunger again. We can no longer silence the natural ability inside of us if we want to live healthy happy lives

Eating food isnt a task, it is NOURISHMENT. Treat it as that! Its time that we remember and relearn to love and feel good about all that we take into our bodies, without guilt, without shame, without limits, without it being on a schedule, without it being a program….


For more Information, Tips, and Learning how to Make Sustainable Changes in Eating Habits or ReProgramming our Relationship with Food…

Feel free to Email at to find out more about additional support or working with me One on One

I can also be found on Instagram @soulfully_thriving and facebook


Enjoy friends and thank you as always for taking the time to read 🙏🌿

“I am Releasing…”, the Power of “Words” and Mantras in Our Life

How many times have we had days we said “nothing ever goes right”, “this day is ruined”, “its terrible”, “theres nothing good in my life right now”, or something along these lines?

We often are so hung up on our own inner worries or crisis, we forget that we ALWAYS have something to be thankful for

Theres a famous quote that says…. “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” by Wayne Dyer

The best way to change the way we view the world is to change the way we think about it. Where we choose to focus our energy creates the reality we go onto experience

But where and how do we even begin…?

Changing our whole routine can be hard. I have always felt the best answers are found in simplicity.

Sometimes the deepest and longest lasting changes often happen through small adjustments that we persistently work towards

A few weeks ago, I had begun falling in love with starting my day writing 3 Things I Am Grateful for and I would love to share more about this practice, and how it has integrated and expanded even further into my life

Our thoughts are Powerful, Potent, and Influential to our lives. Its one of the strongest internal forces we have.

By working consciously to retrain the brain through simple mantras, we can begin to have more gratitude for life and our every day moments as well as make a more conscious effort to change our behaviors and way we think or interact with the world around us

A mantra is a series of words repeated to help bring them into conscious awareness/action or ignite a state of meditation

The beauty of this is when we begin to focus our energy in this way, we will find that there is never a day we can not find atleast 3 things we are grateful for

Although, until we actually just thought about it now, how many of us had ever put this in perspective and realized it?!

We are alive, we have a home, we have a friend or family, we have food, we slept well, we have a job. Anything really. These are things not everyone has and taking a moment of gratitude can really begin to change our perspective.

Instead of focusing on all we do not have, bring that energy back to all that we do 💚

While being grateful teaches gratitude. I also think that we all can spend a few minutes a day focused on the things we would like to change in our lives. The things that are blocking us or holding us back. To help create room for improvement and better alignment in our inner beings.

Recently I have begun also writing 3 Things I Am Releasing… 🙏

These can become such powerful words when used to light the fire of our intentions and initiate change 🔥

As I reflect on my day and moments in time, I focus on how I can fine tune myself. Things that may be blocking me from moving forward and being my best version of myself or seeing the blessing my life truly is

Often I find myself aspiring to release habits or thought patterns which inhibit my growth or do not align with my highest self and best individual I know I can be.

Sure, we already have things to we know we want to change and most of us have some conscious thought process when we make a mistake or choose to do something that may not be effective to our life or hurts another being

But our mind goes non-stop, we are always having some sort of inner dialogue. Much which we do not remember, in one ear and out the other as they sometimes say. Making it difficult to grasp and put into conscious effort

Take time one day and see for yourself. How often is your mind actually empty and not thinking of anything. Whether its the trees in the wind, something someone said, your to do list. The mind is always talking. Much of which gets mixed together, forgotten or doesnt sink any deeper into our lives.

Taking our thoughts out of the mind and into a visual representation ignites our senses while using our motor skills at the same time. A great way to move these words into our conscious awareness

When we write our mantras onto paper, it becomes a more concrete way to liberate our thoughts and words and move them into action

To be honest… when I started, I didnt think this new habit would have the impact it did. Especially the “I am Releasing…”

Its almost like a written contract between the soul/mind and the body being voiced and acknowledged, signed and dated…

Habits are hard to break and thought patterns literally create the frequency we live in and also that which surrounds us. What we think and believe about the world or our lives is exactly what or how we will perceive it to be and what will come to manifest. This is the law of Attraction 🌿

With all this background noise happening in our brains. It helps to have a simple daily practice that can be used to redirect the energy into a new direction.

Try it out for a week. See how you feel. They say it takes 21 days to build or break a habit and 90 days to really integrate into a permanent life change.

Using post it notes allows me to stick them on my wall next to my bed, where every morning I wake up I am reminded of all that I am grateful for

I am now on week 10, meaning that I officially have over 200 reasons to be grateful at any moment in my life

As for all that I am Releasing, I just made it to week 4 😊

As I stare at this section of post-its on my wall, I definitely feel its time to let of what I am Releasing on an even deeper level. I have begun to feel the urge to do something more with them. After all its what I want to let go of and cleanse from my life.

Maybe next to my bed and wall of gratitude isnt the most energetically correct place for them Im realizing 🤷‍♀️

They say that sometimes when we want to release something from our life, a way to really visualize it leaving us and clear the energy is through the power of fire and burning

Intuitively and innately my mind begins to think about how the Full Moon is coming

They say the New Moon is the time of new beginnings and planting seeds while the Full moon is the time of harvest, which we can focus on clearing, releasing and letting go.

While not everyone follows or thinks about the lunar calendar. I think its a beautiful touch 🙏

As we are illuminated on the brightest night of the month what better time to look around and release all that no longer serves us 🌕


Thank you as always fellow friends and readers for sharing your time and reading my article. Please feel free to comment or write below if it resonates with you! Or if you try it out, let me know how it goes! I always appreciate feedback and love hearing more ❤🥰


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Empowering Others to Work through Physical, Mental and Emotional Trauma, Creating Healthier Mindsets & Habits

Healing the Mind, Body and Soul 💕

Health is not only what you Eat! Its also how you Think and how you Feel 💚🌿

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How a High Fruit Diet Can Improve Health, Reversing Disease and Health Issues

I tend to eat 90-95% Fruit based and ya wanna wanna know why?!?!

On a fruit based diet, youre basically eating so perfectly it begins to heal everything

Fruit is the most easily and quickly absorbed form of food we can eat

Rich in water similar to the content of our own bodies, it quickly integrates into our systems

Our brain and body thrives on glycogen, which is the energy form fruit breaks down to

Smoothie Bowl

My journey of fruits is actually super interesting and almost accidental

I had been a raw foodist for several years and had reversed my own cancer yet had a few smaller issues still to cure

Digestive and hair loss, absorption of vitamins to name a few

As i began to cut out certain food groups that may be triggers, I all of a sudden found myself left with just a list of fruits as options 😯🤪

So I went for it and continued to commit myself

Cutting out nightshades, root veggies, sprouts, nuts…

Focusing mostly on sweet fruits like mangos bananas kiwis oranges… and non sweet fruits zucchini, avocados, cucumber, etc

Wholesale Fruit Shopping

A few months later, my hair had started growing back in thick, I no longer have digestive issues, zero brain fog, I had lymph nodes that stayed swollen for years which finally went away, insane energy increase

Its also been an amazing journey with the purity in how i view life even began changing

I dont think we realize how much what we eat impacts our mood and emotions…even our ability to connect from the heart with compassion

Dragon Fruit

Eating heavy oil foods will literally make you feel heavy… eating junk foods and sugars will literally cause havoc on your adrenal system

All this changes the way you feel and react to others and share your energy

Any time we have digestive issues or stagnation in the body. The best thing we can do is go back to fruits and greens

Fruits help hydrate and keep our lymphatic system which is over 90% fluid moving. Allowing the body to catch up on repairs

For more info about fruit and raw foods…

Feel free to follow me as on instagram as I share my journey through healing cancer and other health problems


Finding Forgiveness and Wearing Masks… Why Being Authentic is so Important

If theres anything this time in my life is truly illuminating and showing me….

It is that all moments that really shake our inner being and challenge us are really to help us rise and an opportunity for growth

Sometimes in life we have situations that keep reoccurring and we are left wondering why it always ends up one way or another or why we are feel how we do

Looking outward wondering “whats wrong out there” we rarely ask ourselves “whats really going on in here”…. Inside of us…

Life is all a mirror…. we see whats inside of us in others. If it wasnt inside of us through experience or inner being then we would not know what to call or how to define it nor would it affect us in the way it does

How many times have you said something to many people but one person has a super strange reaction… this was a trigger for them. While all others can write it off easily…. they are left hung on every word

We are constantly being triggered by our mirrors in one another… the more blind we are to see it, the more frequently the same situation keeps occurring

We cannot change whats happening around us, but we can change whats happening inside of us…. the way we view it, what we think about it, and how we deal with it when it happens

Right now in my life I have come to realize that I myself have been a runner… when things become to painful and I am hurt… I run, I resign, I suffer silently… I go inward…

Yes its definitely great to get away from things that hurt us, but if we constantly shy away and never confront whats going on inside, all this turning inward will eventually leak outward….

Often unable to speak up and face whats going on… withdrawn, silenced… for some of us this turns to defensiveness and anger and lash out on the ones that hurt us… does this help… of course not

Its alot harder to face your emotions and be vulnerable and live in the heart than it is to put a wall up and just pretend like things are okay

But that never fixes anything. We learn to build walls and prisons within our own being further dividing us from one another and experiencing our highest essence… LOVE

The hardest thing to do sometimes is stand there wounded and afraid and KEEP IT REAL…

Its okay to say “man this hurts”… its okay to be vulnerable…

If someone still looks at you and continues to hurt you, showing your wounds and pain, this shows more about them and one day it may awaken to them

If we choose to put a mask on and pretend its okay. We only blind them even further from being able to see themselves and see us

When we continue to wear masks and never face one another, we can never move forward. We can never rise. We can never grow.

Be real. Be vulnerable. Trust in the greater good that lies in all our Souls… ✨❤

Finding forgiveness, finding compassion, finding understanding… for yourself and for others

Holding onto pain only hurts us.. it binds us up and doesnt allow energy to flow through our life

We will keep running into the same circumstances if we never learn how to be AUTHENTIC and show ourselves…

All things pass… even pain is temporary….. but the liberation, love, and relief you feel for staying true to your inner being, your heart, and your soul… that lasts a lifetime ❤✨

And it only grows stronger each time 🙏

Trust ✨👁

Hydrating Fruit “Veggies”! Say what?!? 🥒🍅🥑🌶

We all know the magical powers of fruits and how hydrating things like watermelon, grapes, oranges and cantelope can be…

But rarely do we think about non-sweet fruits when we hear this

Did you know that all the “veggies” you see in this dish, besides the carrot and mushrooms, are all ACTUALLY FRUITS?!?!

Avocado, Bell Pepper, Yellow Squash, and Tomatoes are all botanically fruits not vegetables!

Fruits contain the highest amount of readily absorbing energy in comparison to other produce and foods

Partially because they carry the ability to recreate, having contain seeds, which is what classifies them as fruits

This can be seen by measuring the Angstroms or amount of energy that is being held by different types of food

Besides the fact fruit is the ultimate energizer… 🤪💃🤸‍♀️

Its also another great way to increase water intake and keep that lymph system moving!!!

Did you know that our lymphatic system is over 90% fluid?!?!

The lymphatic system is a network of vessels that collect the fluids and waste constantly be removed from our blood, organs, and entire body

By hydrating we ensure our bodies health highway can stay clear and free of congestion

Preventing illness, edema, and keeping our mind and body in peak performance

Around 2 liters of fluid leak from the cardiovascular system into body tissues every day

Hence where the suggested 2 liters of water a day comes from 🙃

Find yourself looking for a quick easy way to hydrate now that we see how vital it is?!?

Without having to go out of your way or live chained to a waterbottle or energy drink

Try this salad!!!

Another easy and great way to getting your nutrients in, filling the belly, staying hydrated and still leaving the table feeling light!!

Fresh Garden Greens
Cucumber or Zucchini Noodles
Bell Peppers
And Hemp Seeds or Pumpkin/Sunflower is great too!


Collard Green Wraps with a Super Sweet & Nutty Coconut Date Tahini Sauce

Sooooo amazingly delicious and perfect for keeping that waist trim!!

Honestly forever a go to if looking for a nice light, filling, yet energetic meal

Simple as… Buying Collard Greens and removing the center stem, cutting the leaf into two. Fill with whatever veggies you have a taste for

These are filled with

You can even toss some hummus inside and pack it with some protein too!!!

Bell peppers, Onion, Spirulina, Radish, seasoning or whatever your heart desires can easily go inside

Place all veggies on one side similar to sushi and then just Roll them up 🥰

For the dipping sauce I used a little bit of fresh young coconut meat, 3 or 4 soaked dates, 2 Tablespoons of Tahini or feel free to use 3 to 4 Tablespoons of white Sesame Seeds instead, and a pinch of salt

If you dont have access to coconut, dont worry! It totally wont make or break the recipe 💗🙏

Dip and Enjoy loves 🥰❤🌿

Light Tasty Salad with Collard Wraps & Cucumber Lemon Tahini Dressing 🥰🥰🥰

One of my favorite things to eat is Collard Greens!!

So many amazing nutrients and benefits!! A true powerhouse of nutrition! One of the highest sources of Vitamin K and is super easily digestable!! 🥰

Sometimes I make little roll ups and other times I make a salad and stuff it in the collard like a taco 🥗➡️🥬➡️🌮

Either way, such an amazing way to eat the rainbow, get your nutrients and keep your waistline looking good 😜❤

This is just a basic salad with Mixed Greens, Tomato and Carrot.
Instead of tossing in cucumber, I use it to make my dressing ❤

2 tablespoons of tahini or you can use 3 to 4 tablespoons of Raw Sesame seeds
Blended with 1/3 of a cucumber, juice from a nice chunk of lemon wedge and a pinch of himalayan salt 💕

Honestly one of easiest and quickest and delicious ways to make a dressing that tastes super good!!

You can also top your salad with bell peppers, mushrooms, onion, spices and herbs
Sometimes the more the merrier 😋

I eat 90- 95%fruit for my diet most days so I keep things pretty simple
So no matter which way you choose. I guarantee it will be delicious 😝❤💕

If you like sweet dressings try tossing a few dates in the mix next time. It really makes things extra yummy!!!

Raisins are also another amazing salad topping 🥰

GRAPES ~ Natural Lymphatic Cleanser


Anti-Fungal, Anti Viral, Anti Bacterial… NEED I SAY MORE?!?!

I sometimes live on grapes and many times its the only thing I seem to want to eat. While I don’t dedicate a specific amount of time or set a routine to anything food related… I do sometimes intuitively finding my body singling out a specific fruit. GRAPES OFTEN FIND THEIR WAY TO THE TOP OF MY LIST ❤

Grapes are extremely rich in iron and are Natures finest natural tonic in the world. Tonic?!? Whats that mean?

Because of their molecular properties, Grapes have an important and vital relationship to the protein base of the protoplasm of the cell…. say what?!?

Simply put… Our cells sometimes store waste

This happens since our bodies need to take care of the most important and vital pressing bodily function first in order to keep us running smoothly and a few tiny toxins isn’t enough to halt the whole system

Eventually these build ups are what leads to Disease and other health issues. When we don’t recognize the signs, the body continues to try to get our attention, eventually draining our energy or becoming visibly sick, making it impossible to ignore

Grapes due to their molecular make up can easily access and clean toxins from our cells, buildups and poor/unhealthy cells which may have been damaged or replicated by our body

Because of this ability, Grapes stand alone among the foods of nature as a true builder and repairer! The Greeks and Romans were on to something!!

And lets not forget to talk about RESVERATROL, a compound found in Grapes with LONG LENGTHY LIST OF BENEFITS!!!

Individuals with painful GOUT!! Look no further!! This natural acidity of Grapes also works by removing inorganic deposits and buildups in our joints due! Hallelujah!!!

This also includes build ups in the Kidneys and Gallbladder as well!!! Making them a great natural Diuretic for those struggling with Kidney Health or Fluid Retention!

Want to know why Nature is so amazing? It Mirrors our own bodies… As above, So Below, or should I say Beside?!?

Having Problems breathing lately?!?!

Looking at Grapes and how they grow, we may find it almost resembles our LUNGS… Each Grape like a pocket of bronchioles…

Well its no surprise that Grapes have a significant effect on the lungs and aiding in removing mucus and build up of toxins in our Bronchiole Tubes

HEART HEALTH?! Atherosclerosis is a type of heart disease resulting in the buildup in artery walls, especially those of the heart and brain of LDL or best known as…. cholesterol This is what can cause and often leads to a heart attack or stroke

The polyphenols in grapes act as a VASODILATOR, which relaxes the blood vessels

This in combination with grapes natural acids can help to protect from heart disease by breaking down build ups and cleaning the artery walls all while relaxing the blood vessels allowing the waste to be transported through the system!!! Successfully helping to reverse the process of atherosclerosis

Another amazing component are the Proanthocyanidins, found in grape seeds These work as powerful antioxidants that can block the action of free radicals and reduce oxidative stress

They also contain QUERCETIN which is well known for its amazing anti-inflammatory effects! Did you know thats its a major component in St. Johns Wort and other Pain Killers!?! So lets skip those chemicals and go straight to the source!!!

Want to know the most amazing thing about Grapes?!?!

Grapes purify the blood from all sorts of ailments and aid in reversing disease Making them an EXCELLENT AND SUCCESSFUL CANCER FIGHTER!!!

While I can dive deep into this I think it’s best for those interested more in this topic… Check out “the Grape Cure” by Johanna Brandt whom reversed and cured her cancer through GRAPE FASTING

The Grape Cure has since been studied and proved to be extremely beneficial to individuals battling serious health concerns

With all the health benefits mentioned above its no wonder it’s currently prescribed for those with Cancer, Diseases of the Liver, Kidney Disease or Filtration Issues, Early Stages of Tuberculosis, Lung Problems such as asthma, allergies or COPD, Gout, Anemia and the list goes on

How is it possible?!?! Well lets check what these amazing things are made of?!

Grapes are a great source of phytonutrient and Polyphenols. Vitamins K, Vitamin A, Vitamin C as well as a long list of body healing and cellular functioning B VITAMINS

B1 – THIAMINE – helps prevent complications in the nervous system, brain, muscles, heart, stomach, and intestines by aiding in regulating the flow of electrolytes into and out of muscle and nerve cells

B2 – RIBOFLAVIN – crucial for breaking down food components, absorbing other nutrients, and maintaining tissues

B3 – NIACIN -maintaining proper blood circulation,  boosting memory power, aids the digestive tract in absorbing minerals, regulates Cholesterol

B6 – PYRODOXINE – important for normal brain development and for keeping the nervous system and immune system healthy

B9 – FOLATE – synthesis and repair of DNA and RNA, aids in rapid cell division and growth making it extremely important for brain health

Grapes also contain important minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Calcium, and Sodium

It should go without having to say, the high water content of grapes also make them amazing for hydration!! And the best part… they just taste so delicious!!!! 💖💗💖

Sounds amazing right?!? Give it a try 😜😊😁💗

How about a Grape Challenge?! Whats that?! Giving the system a deep cleanse and break from your standard diet and eating nothing but grapes for a period of time

Even one day will surely reap benefits!!! Longer is always better of course!!! Start small if needed and build your way up!!

The darker the color the higher the antioxidant properties!! And of course SEEDED!!!

Nature never intended fruit to not bare seeds and be able to reproduce…. Meaning anything not seeded is tampered with by human hands and we have all seen how that goes 😜😱😱