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Cooked Food is Simply… Comfort Food.

Its time to talk about what we choose to eat and how it can begin to shed some light on our emotional state of being and inner drives.

We are so often being driven by our subconscious that we fail to realize just how far it has driven us somewhere. We keep eating or fueling ourselves ignoring the facts we are actually tired, overwhelmed, or in another difficult state of being. Its no wonder weight problems and food difficulties have become an issue to much of society.

Its amazing what I learned about food and the body these past few years. Its no wonder a huge bowl of greens surrounded by color makes me smile inside and out.

When we decide to make the leap from a Standard Diet to Vegan and then Raw Vegan… it becomes very interesting how differently we begin to view food.

Our senses awakening and body becoming more aware of the increase in energy and vitality. It can be felt almost instantly mentally and physically. Meal by meal, growing more and more at each stage of our diet change. Especially if we reach the point where we are primarily consuming raw fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and sprouts.

Who doesn’t spring forward from a smoothie bowl or cup of fresh fruits, salad, amazing mixed veggie platter or lettuce wrapped sandwich…?!? I believe we can almost all relate to this! Yet how often do we find ourselves still drawn to cooked, denser foods, or dishes we grew up with?

When eating cooked foods, a sauteed pan of veggies, burger, falafels, pasta, stir-fry or pizza all taste and sound absolutely amazing… butttttt….. and a big BUTTTTTT….

Have you ever looked back at the photos of your food? Ingredients become a bit undefined, if ya know what I mean. The vegetables colors are lost, a lack of luster and the entire dishes ingredients are often faded completely…. our veggies looked so much prettier before we cooked and killed them

What I mean is.. pizza is just straight comfort food…. you can receive so many more benefits from these vegetables and components when they are not cooked and withered away to some nostalgic memory and meal. We are literally cooking the life out of our foods and we can see it happening. The colors change as the nutrients become lost.

“Life comes from Life” not a Lifeless bowl of food… its no wonder we find ourselves tired after eating sometimes!

I heard a statement once, well two statements that got me thinking alot…..

If youre not hungry enough to eat an apple, youre not hungry 😉

All cooked foods are comfort foods… hmmm right? 🤔

So I started to pay attention to my thoughts behind my cravings… and I noticed some things….

I cut out cooked foods…. but randomly I crave certain things. So in my head I always repeat those two statements followed by asking myself…. Am I feeding my body, or feeding an emotional need?

If the body, then I ask, what is it in this food that I am craving? Fats, protein, carbs? Breaking it down to try to understand what lies beneath this “fried rice” craving I’m experiencing… since our body just wants nutrients. NOT fried rice, a burrito, or that slice of pizza 🤪

Roman Jack Pizza, Zest Ubud, Bali

Alot of times its for fatty foods but also sometimes for carbs…

When I am in tune with my body, eating raw foods has always targeted my craving I am having. Immediately the hunger passes and I am left satiated.

Although sometimes I have found myself eating and still my mind and body could not find satiation, my stomach felt like a bottomless pit. Who else has been here?!? 🙋‍♀️

It was in these moments where I was still hungry, knowing I just ate more than enough… I realized it was an emotional calling…

I begun taking conscious awareness of these times and working actively on the issue. Asking myself in these moments I was hit with cravings, why this food? What or when does it remind me of?

Food can be a source of comfort I began realizing. We grow up gathered around a kitchen table, enjoying food with loved ones, these cherished memories then become programmed into us. Our subsonscious minds often storing and associating the food with the emotional or joyous state of being.

We also all have a memory or two of coming home as a child hurt or upset to having our parent make us our favorite meal. Its no wonder how these two can become so quickly and closely related. Food and Pleasure. Comfort and Happiness.

When we’re having a bad day we are often seeking comfort or seeking a feeling of relief to our circumstances. And we all need to eat to live… hence how these two easily fall together hand in hand.

Our subconscious mind driving us, we may find that we are drawn to crave a particular dish. Your “favorite meal” growing up? The one your mom always cooked when you werent feeling well for example. We have so much attachment to food emotionally sometimes we do not even realize its affects or take this moment of conscious awareness. We just simply have this “craving” driving us.

The most important thing I think I learned eating as a Raw Vegan was learning to cope with emotional eating and most importantly understanding my connection to foods and my own cravings on a more deeper level.

At the end of the day… all cooked foods are basically just comfort foods. If we find ourselves starved and we have a banana yet dont want the banana.. look deeper at whats driving these thoughts. You might be surprised!

Instead enjoy those colorful fruits and veggies!! Its not only a way to balance ourselves emotionally, but physically as well. It can be seen within a few days just how much more energy we can have and clarity of thinking when we are filled with living foods versus cooked.

When we are committing ourselves to connecting to actual hunger we can truly help heal and eliminate emotional issues and help to balance our inner beings. While Im sure you can very well do this on any diet. The amount of clarity you can gain, vitality, and energy is unmatched in comparison to what we can receive from eating raw foods.

Again Life comes from Life… not a Lifeless bowl of food… keep rereading that 😉

Raw Vietnamese Rolls, Alchemy, Ubud, Bali

Reconnecting to Our Intuitive Self… How to Better Our Relationship with Food and Hunger. Why Diets are Useless

An untouched subject yet deserving of so much attention in this day and age…

To many of us, what may seem so simple has become a difficult thing alot of us have come to deal with at some point in our life is…

Can you guess what “it” is?

Learning how to leave food on our plate and understanding our own hunger ⚡⚡⚡

Simple right?!? Well, maybe…

How many times have you been eating something and become full, yet still devour the rest of whats on your plate?

Many of us seem to start this habit early on in life. Generally learned from our parents or grandparents passed down generation after another at kitchen tables and in our familys’ home. We are told since we are young children “Do not leave anything on your plate and finish what is left.” Sound familiar? Maybe you even have a few funny stories to share?!

For me, as a child, my mother would tell me how there’s starving kids in Africa and I should be grateful that I have food as if this somehow would make more room appear in my belly or make me hungry.
My confused and innocent response was always…. “why dont you send it to Africa then?!?” Nonetheless, I spent several nights sleeping at the kitchen table unable to finish what was left 🤷‍♀️😴

Sometimes my mother would let me eat in the living room, which was amazing. I had this ceramic piggy bank I would stuff my leftovers in and hide behind the couch. “This is so wonderful…” I thought, “Finally I could make my mom happy and I didnt have to be punished for not finishing my food!!”

Worked great!…. til she went looking for the rotten smell and found it one day 😳

Opa! Back to the bigger story here!

What does this later turn into for us as adults in life?

Eating disorders, obesity, diabetes, cancer, digestive disorders, body dysmorphia and all sorts of other physical and mental issues related to us not truly tuning into our bodies.

Not sensing our internal world mentally and physically, we fail to realize when we are full and satisfied. We have been programmed to tune out our greatest gift, our natural senses and connection to our own inner workings.

How is this witnessed? Or what does it mean? This could be when we overeat or binge, finishing every bit of food regardless of the fact we felt full half the plate ago. Some individuals may even develop a eating disorder like bulimia or anorexia. Most often many of us however are left feeling guilt or shame after eating. Unconsciously eating out of habit and not because we are actually even hungry.

Moving forward… The real question we must ask ourselves is… What is there to be learned from this? Theres two major aspects Id like to focus our time on.

First…. where it often all begins… as children.

We should never force our children to eat. Kids need energy, let them honor their body and stayed tuned into their hunger sensations. No kid will intentionally starve themselves. Kids cry that they are hungry more often that they are not.

Children are born pure, in the sense they are untampered with or changed by societal views, influence or pressure. Very much so in tune with their own inner being. As they age, what we call parenting, is often us programming them based on our experiences, but also our own issues and fears.

Many parent believe they are ALWAYS “protecting or teaching” their children, but how many times have we ourselves been caught unraveling from some irrational fear or motive that we discover has stemmed from parental programming? Yes, we are here to guide and protect our children, but we must be in alignment and rational when doing so.

The other major part we should focus on is the NOW. How do we work through this habit now that it is active and fully developed into our lives?

First and most importantly, one thing we can do, is start by never forcing ourselves to finish our food when we are already full or satisfied.

Continuing to overeat only ends up creating a negative relationship with food. Not only can food become a mental or emotional addiction or unconscious habit, but it also overworks our insides when in excess and stretching out our stomach and taxing our organs.

One important aspect to think about in terms of health… If we are spending our entire day digesting food, when does our body and our liver have time to go through and focus on cleaning and healing?

Our body has the ability to heal anything. As a Cancer Thriver, reversing my own illness through lifestyle, mindset, and diet change, I can fully attest to the bodys miraculous inner strengths!

If the entire day is spent digesting food and massive meals however, we become backed up. Often witnessed as lethargy, the body slowing down, this is how and when illness begins to form. When we are constantly finding ourselves left exhausted after a meal or needing rest instead of energized.

We eat purely for ENERGY!……. REREAD THAT AGAIN!!

If we overeat or spend all day eating, we lose it all. Think about that…⚡💡

Sometimes a great thing to remember to put our “hangry mind” at ease while we begin to deprogram…. is that we may always take more food if we are hungry later.

A mind trick I learned years ago is that if we find ourselves overeating and unable to leave any food on our plates, the best thing we can do is…. START with USING A SMALLER PLATE! We will still be getting a full plate of food but now just portioned a little better for our changing mind. Slightly illusionary and greatly impactful.

What about if we already have taken a larger plate or don’t have the option to choose the quantity?
Save it!! We can put what’s left over in a container and save it. Or simply put the entire plate in the fridge. Who decided that our meals should be separated into such portions and spread out this or that way?

We should give a thought to where this belief even began. As history has shown, as well as common sense, humans originate from tropics and other forested areas where trees bearing food and crops were growing readily available. We are by nature, hunters and gatherers.

In todays fast pace and forever moving environment having a set schedule for eating may allow us to simplify this our basic nutritional needs. One less concern and concept to fill our minds, more time to focus on our lives…. Sounds right? well kinda… See… This is in fact for many where the disconnect begins or becomes rooted.

In reality, the human species, if we look back over time or into our primitive roots would be eating and taking only what we needed from trees as to not have to carry excess and also to prevent food from spoiling carelessly. We also would only be eating food as we came across it.

Putting things in perspective, breaking our food into set schedules and portions goes against everything natural in our bodies. Instead of eating when we have hunger, we are told we need a set amount of calories to function and focus on that. Arranging diets and meal plans trying to pack it in or balance it out. Yet the amount of calories we use and burn each day is always varying.

When we begin to break this programmed cycle and focus more on our connection to the food and our bodies we will begin to notice that all these thoughts and concepts just mentioned really resonate with us.

When we eat to satisfy our hunger needs versus eating just to finish our plates or get our calories in, we will also see our mind and physical body narurally each day becoming more and more in balance.

Its not about calories or nutrition. If we are listening to the body. We will have a natural sense and connection to what is needed. We will begin to realize what our actual hunger is and what is our programmed concept of it.

If we eat a meal and want to lay down and not do anything, maintaining self awareness, we will begin to realize this pattern. If we find ourselves eating less and tiring quickly, we will also see our pattern around this. Everything helping to illuminate and understand ourselves much better.

Its time we take the initiative… its time we start to tuning into our bodies more and learning when we are satiated and full. We need to release these rules, concepts, and belief systems we have set up around eating.

We also should abandon the concept of DIET… toss that word out unless its being used descriptively and not as an action 🤪

With all these thoughts in mind and things we just learned, its no wonder why us as a society or individual often YO-YO with weightloss or struggle with even getting started. We are literally living in a system that goes against everything in our core as a conscious intuitive being. We are living against our own nature in so many aspects.

As we tune back into ourselves, we will see how useless the idea of dietting truly is. It’s time we bring it back to our roots and natural selves, and its time to create a healthier relationship with how we view food and take it into our bodies.

And please dont get me wrong, sure, we can eat what we set out for ourselves and always finish our set portion in a setting, keep our caloric balance, but at what cost to our mental and physical well being, if we are not listening to the body and respecting ourselves and honoring our points of satiation or eating what the body is actually asking for?

What actual cost does this end up being to us later? We are left Tired, Moody, Gaining Weight, with Guilt, Shame, the list can go out…. Lethargy, Illness, Disease…

The question we are left with is… How do we make use of all we have just learned? With all we have just read. Where can we go from here?

Let’s keep it simple and let our bodies naturally guide us back to ourselves. Try for a meal to just stop eating when you start to feel full. Not stuffed but satisfied. Key word… SATISFIED. Put the rest away, save it for later, or whatever you wish to do. But honor your body in this moment and listen to it. You can also take a smaller plate at your next meal. See how this concept works for you as well.

Tune into these moments and connect with how you feel after… This connection will begin to teach you all you need to know. As you begin to practice regularly you will find yourself each day amazed…

As a society, on all levels, we do not need more diet tips and food plans, we simply need to begin to reconnect to our own intuitive inner beings.

Its time that we redevelop our own MODERATION. It’s time we tune back into our bodies and understanding our hunger again. We can no longer silence the natural ability inside of us if we want to live healthy happy lives

Eating food isnt a task, it is NOURISHMENT. Treat it as that! Its time that we remember and relearn to love and feel good about all that we take into our bodies, without guilt, without shame, without limits, without it being on a schedule, without it being a program….


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Enjoy friends and thank you as always for taking the time to read 🙏🌿

“I am Releasing…”, the Power of “Words” and Mantras in Our Life

How many times have we had days we said “nothing ever goes right”, “this day is ruined”, “its terrible”, “theres nothing good in my life right now”, or something along these lines?

We often are so hung up on our own inner worries or crisis, we forget that we ALWAYS have something to be thankful for

Theres a famous quote that says…. “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” by Wayne Dyer

The best way to change the way we view the world is to change the way we think about it. Where we choose to focus our energy creates the reality we go onto experience

But where and how do we even begin…?

Changing our whole routine can be hard. I have always felt the best answers are found in simplicity.

Sometimes the deepest and longest lasting changes often happen through small adjustments that we persistently work towards

A few weeks ago, I had begun falling in love with starting my day writing 3 Things I Am Grateful for and I would love to share more about this practice, and how it has integrated and expanded even further into my life

Our thoughts are Powerful, Potent, and Influential to our lives. Its one of the strongest internal forces we have.

By working consciously to retrain the brain through simple mantras, we can begin to have more gratitude for life and our every day moments as well as make a more conscious effort to change our behaviors and way we think or interact with the world around us

A mantra is a series of words repeated to help bring them into conscious awareness/action or ignite a state of meditation

The beauty of this is when we begin to focus our energy in this way, we will find that there is never a day we can not find atleast 3 things we are grateful for

Although, until we actually just thought about it now, how many of us had ever put this in perspective and realized it?!

We are alive, we have a home, we have a friend or family, we have food, we slept well, we have a job. Anything really. These are things not everyone has and taking a moment of gratitude can really begin to change our perspective.

Instead of focusing on all we do not have, bring that energy back to all that we do 💚

While being grateful teaches gratitude. I also think that we all can spend a few minutes a day focused on the things we would like to change in our lives. The things that are blocking us or holding us back. To help create room for improvement and better alignment in our inner beings.

Recently I have begun also writing 3 Things I Am Releasing… 🙏

These can become such powerful words when used to light the fire of our intentions and initiate change 🔥

As I reflect on my day and moments in time, I focus on how I can fine tune myself. Things that may be blocking me from moving forward and being my best version of myself or seeing the blessing my life truly is

Often I find myself aspiring to release habits or thought patterns which inhibit my growth or do not align with my highest self and best individual I know I can be.

Sure, we already have things to we know we want to change and most of us have some conscious thought process when we make a mistake or choose to do something that may not be effective to our life or hurts another being

But our mind goes non-stop, we are always having some sort of inner dialogue. Much which we do not remember, in one ear and out the other as they sometimes say. Making it difficult to grasp and put into conscious effort

Take time one day and see for yourself. How often is your mind actually empty and not thinking of anything. Whether its the trees in the wind, something someone said, your to do list. The mind is always talking. Much of which gets mixed together, forgotten or doesnt sink any deeper into our lives.

Taking our thoughts out of the mind and into a visual representation ignites our senses while using our motor skills at the same time. A great way to move these words into our conscious awareness

When we write our mantras onto paper, it becomes a more concrete way to liberate our thoughts and words and move them into action

To be honest… when I started, I didnt think this new habit would have the impact it did. Especially the “I am Releasing…”

Its almost like a written contract between the soul/mind and the body being voiced and acknowledged, signed and dated…

Habits are hard to break and thought patterns literally create the frequency we live in and also that which surrounds us. What we think and believe about the world or our lives is exactly what or how we will perceive it to be and what will come to manifest. This is the law of Attraction 🌿

With all this background noise happening in our brains. It helps to have a simple daily practice that can be used to redirect the energy into a new direction.

Try it out for a week. See how you feel. They say it takes 21 days to build or break a habit and 90 days to really integrate into a permanent life change.

Using post it notes allows me to stick them on my wall next to my bed, where every morning I wake up I am reminded of all that I am grateful for

I am now on week 10, meaning that I officially have over 200 reasons to be grateful at any moment in my life

As for all that I am Releasing, I just made it to week 4 😊

As I stare at this section of post-its on my wall, I definitely feel its time to let of what I am Releasing on an even deeper level. I have begun to feel the urge to do something more with them. After all its what I want to let go of and cleanse from my life.

Maybe next to my bed and wall of gratitude isnt the most energetically correct place for them Im realizing 🤷‍♀️

They say that sometimes when we want to release something from our life, a way to really visualize it leaving us and clear the energy is through the power of fire and burning

Intuitively and innately my mind begins to think about how the Full Moon is coming

They say the New Moon is the time of new beginnings and planting seeds while the Full moon is the time of harvest, which we can focus on clearing, releasing and letting go.

While not everyone follows or thinks about the lunar calendar. I think its a beautiful touch 🙏

As we are illuminated on the brightest night of the month what better time to look around and release all that no longer serves us 🌕


Thank you as always fellow friends and readers for sharing your time and reading my article. Please feel free to comment or write below if it resonates with you! Or if you try it out, let me know how it goes! I always appreciate feedback and love hearing more ❤🥰


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How a High Fruit Diet Can Improve Health, Reversing Disease and Health Issues

I tend to eat 90-95% Fruit based and ya wanna wanna know why?!?!

On a fruit based diet, youre basically eating so perfectly it begins to heal everything

Fruit is the most easily and quickly absorbed form of food we can eat

Rich in water similar to the content of our own bodies, it quickly integrates into our systems

Our brain and body thrives on glycogen, which is the energy form fruit breaks down to

Smoothie Bowl

My journey of fruits is actually super interesting and almost accidental

I had been a raw foodist for several years and had reversed my own cancer yet had a few smaller issues still to cure

Digestive and hair loss, absorption of vitamins to name a few

As i began to cut out certain food groups that may be triggers, I all of a sudden found myself left with just a list of fruits as options 😯🤪

So I went for it and continued to commit myself

Cutting out nightshades, root veggies, sprouts, nuts…

Focusing mostly on sweet fruits like mangos bananas kiwis oranges… and non sweet fruits zucchini, avocados, cucumber, etc

Wholesale Fruit Shopping

A few months later, my hair had started growing back in thick, I no longer have digestive issues, zero brain fog, I had lymph nodes that stayed swollen for years which finally went away, insane energy increase

Its also been an amazing journey with the purity in how i view life even began changing

I dont think we realize how much what we eat impacts our mood and emotions…even our ability to connect from the heart with compassion

Dragon Fruit

Eating heavy oil foods will literally make you feel heavy… eating junk foods and sugars will literally cause havoc on your adrenal system

All this changes the way you feel and react to others and share your energy

Any time we have digestive issues or stagnation in the body. The best thing we can do is go back to fruits and greens

Fruits help hydrate and keep our lymphatic system which is over 90% fluid moving. Allowing the body to catch up on repairs

For more info about fruit and raw foods…

Feel free to follow me as on instagram as I share my journey through healing cancer and other health problems


Hydrating Fruit “Veggies”! Say what?!? 🥒🍅🥑🌶

We all know the magical powers of fruits and how hydrating things like watermelon, grapes, oranges and cantelope can be…

But rarely do we think about non-sweet fruits when we hear this

Did you know that all the “veggies” you see in this dish, besides the carrot and mushrooms, are all ACTUALLY FRUITS?!?!

Avocado, Bell Pepper, Yellow Squash, and Tomatoes are all botanically fruits not vegetables!

Fruits contain the highest amount of readily absorbing energy in comparison to other produce and foods

Partially because they carry the ability to recreate, having contain seeds, which is what classifies them as fruits

This can be seen by measuring the Angstroms or amount of energy that is being held by different types of food

Besides the fact fruit is the ultimate energizer… 🤪💃🤸‍♀️

Its also another great way to increase water intake and keep that lymph system moving!!!

Did you know that our lymphatic system is over 90% fluid?!?!

The lymphatic system is a network of vessels that collect the fluids and waste constantly be removed from our blood, organs, and entire body

By hydrating we ensure our bodies health highway can stay clear and free of congestion

Preventing illness, edema, and keeping our mind and body in peak performance

Around 2 liters of fluid leak from the cardiovascular system into body tissues every day

Hence where the suggested 2 liters of water a day comes from 🙃

Find yourself looking for a quick easy way to hydrate now that we see how vital it is?!?

Without having to go out of your way or live chained to a waterbottle or energy drink

Try this salad!!!

Another easy and great way to getting your nutrients in, filling the belly, staying hydrated and still leaving the table feeling light!!

Fresh Garden Greens
Cucumber or Zucchini Noodles
Bell Peppers
And Hemp Seeds or Pumpkin/Sunflower is great too!


Welcome Friends!

In todays world, Health is quite the Topic…

Everyone seems to know everything and as soon as you change the way you’re eating everyone becomes a “Doctor”….

Yet MOST DOCTORs have not studied diet or nutrition nor are they required to by university standards

Did you know that the body regenerates EVERY SINGLE DAY?!?!

Huh?! What does that even mean?!?!
It means that we are super fortunate in the fact that

Awesome news right?!?

All health issues are simply the bodies way of warning us that something is backed up and cannot keep up with proper cleaning and regeneration.

Does this mean we are FOREVER DOOMED ONCE THIS HAPPENS?!?!?!

HECK NO!?!?!